our speciali

Speciali Caldi


If you say 101CAFFE’ Fast Gourmet, you can’t help but think of the specials: delicious hot drinks that you can only find with us.
Caramellino Dark, Classic and Red Creme Brulee, Pistacchietto, Affogato speciale, and the famous Nocciolino – all so good it’s a shame to have to choose! The glass cup allows you to appreciate all the ingredients of these fantastic recipes: the delicious cream base, the crunchy granola, the indulgent 101CAFFE’ coffee, a mountain of whipped cream… and don’t miss the chance to personalize your special with a topping to make it even more special!
Try them also as take-away.

Speciali Freddi


The latest arrivals at 101CAFFE’ Fast Gourmet are already a must-try.
All the taste and indulgence of our specials, but in an iced version. Delicious, fresh, perfect for summer, made with only Italian ingredients from 101CAFFE’. Because drinking cold coffee-based drinks is always a good idea, but drinking Italian ones is even better!