Made in Italy

Our coffee is the result of careful selection of blends from the best regional Italian roasters: when entering a 101CAFFE’ Fast Gourmet coffee shop, customers rediscover the true Italian taste while enjoying a high-quality experience accessible to everyone.
Tasting our coffee is like taking a journey across our country, from North to South, in the name of excellence.

Our range is wide and constantly evolving, here are some of our most award-winning and appreciated products:

80% Arabica and 20% Robusta coffee blend from RAINFOREST ALLIANCE certified plantations, processed by a historic Milanese roasting company that combines century-old roasting traditions with the most innovative technology. An espresso with an intense aroma, a strong but never overpowering taste, and a persistent cream.

A blend of 20% Mexican and Peruvian organic arabica and 80% Indian robusta, for an espresso with remarkable intensity and creaminess. Aromatic bouquet ranging from caramel to chocolate. Medium roast and satisfying persistence. Made according to the tradition of artisanal roasting in the valleys leading up to the Modenese Apennines, for a cup full of vitality.

A blend of carefully selected 100% Robusta coffee beans from different origins, roasted according to the ancient Neapolitan tradition, for a black, creamy and persistent coffee.

The espresso coffee for those who love to taste all the strength of the coffee bean, which turns into a delicious elixir in the cup.
Perfect for those who love an intense and robust taste, with a rich hazelnut-colored crema and toasted notes for a burst of energy.

A delicate balance between body and finesse, Amarcord releases its toasted notes, which are expressed in a soft velvety texture. A blend of 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta gives it its aromatic delicacy, preserving its intensity. A high-quality coffee with a harmonious bouquet, a perfect combination of strength and fullness, ideal for those looking for a fine but decisive espresso. Amarcord is the rediscovery of the aroma of the past, the tradition of coffee enclosed in capsules to be enjoyed whenever you want.