Sweets and Savoury

Small Pastry


Croissants, shortbread cookies, donuts, and our famous cream horns! We offer many options for all tastes, including a wide selection of vegan options, and all our pastries are filled with deliciousness at the moment.



Cakes like grandma’s, to always feel at home and enjoy the true taste of tradition.


Available in many delicious flavors, of course, we recommend the one with coffee! Guaranteed by 101CAFFE’, the specialist.


Few people know that the origin of crepes is Italian and very ancient, dating back to the 5th century! Our recipe is the classic one, to be filled with many original and delicious variations.


As Shrek teaches, if you find a plate of hot and crispy waffles in the middle of a forest, you shouldn’t trust it 🙂 If you find them at our place, instead, you can definitely trust them! The only doubt is which filling to choose among the many proposals.



If you’re in the mood for an “American-style” breakfast, but with all the Italian flavor, here are our Pancakes. To be enjoyed not only with the classic maple syrup, but also with the unmistakable 101CAFFE’ creams.



The Pizza Romana, also called “Pinsa” that you can enjoy at our Fast Gourmet cafeterias embodies the Roman spirit from which it originates, with its fragrance of freshly baked bread and its Mediterranean ingredients.
Thanks to the use of rice flour in the dough and the long natural leavening process, our Pinsa is light, soft in the center, and crispy on the surface, providing a truly delightful taste experience.